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Services for LETS and other complementary currency systems


Complementary Currencies


Complementary currency systems are local or regional groups such as local exchange and trading systems (LETS), exchanging services and goods on a complementary currency or non-monetary basis. For these organizations, we provide services based on Cyclos, the system developed by the Cyclos project in collaboration with the Dutch NGO Social TRade Organization STRO.

Besides LETS, Cyclos was designed for a variety of complementary currency systems and cooperatives such as Barters, Timebanks, and trade networks like C3 (consumer commerce circuit) and CBC (commodity backed currency).

We provide affordable, reliable services to groups and organizations that are using or planning to use this system.




  • application service plans
  • advice before, during and after the implementation
  • support in data migration
  • support in customizing and adapting the system to your needs
  • features: strong focus on user privacy and data security; no data collection; no client lock-in.

How to get started


The service is provided at the lowest cost possible. Please contact us BEFORE you rent a VPS or hosting service. To get more information or a quote, please contact us on the address below.



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