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Maintenance planning

28-03-2021 - System maintenance on Cyclos services. Limited downtime will occur between 00:00 and 06:00 CET.

Cyclos advisories  
Add-ons such as Adblock Plus

Ad blocking add-ons such as Adblock Plus may interfere with the ability to display and change advertisements in Cyclos. It is recommended to disable your ad blocking add-ons on your Cyclos site.

Workaround for users of Cyclos 3 and Internet Explorer 11

A workaround for users of Cyclos 3 and Internet Explorer 11 is recommended.

The following problems have been confirmed :
- 'Change' button did not work.
- Payment did not work or raised an error.
- Creating or changing and advertisement raised an error.
- Sometimes a submenu or link in a result list did not work.

In Internet Explorer 11:
1) Go to Settings (icon right top) > Compatibility settings
2) Add the domain name of the website used for your Cyclos installation to the websites for Compatibility display.
3) Click OK and reload the website.

Added terms of service

Cyclos has some additional terms of service:

- (Cyclos 3.7 specific) it is possible for some administrators to break the program by changing application files (.jsp). If you do this, there will be no support for resulting problems. We recommend against changing the program .jsp files (this does not apply to the so called 'static pages').

- Given the extensive configuration possibilities of Cyclos, without a document of changes it it will be impossible to provide support specific to your configuration. If you request support, you will be asked for your configuration plan. The configuration plan must contain the following items and their settings: account types, transaction types, transaction fees, contributions, groups, permissions (except for the standard configuration of Cyclos). This means, that all configuration changes that were made must be described in the configuration plan.

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